well guys, i think i may have witnessed the released of the single one wish (for christmas). 93.7 here in boston is basically a top 40 radio station and they play a huge variety of music. basically the best station in boston in my opinion. they play a little of everythign and dont repeat stuff too much. anyway, they played christmas music the entire day (thanksgiving day) and one of the promotions was to call in to win an entry into a trip to las vegas for the billboard music awards. the way you wonw as to be the 9th caller when you heard "One Wish (for Christmas), from Whitney Houston". granted i was the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd caller and then got a busy signal until i gave up. anyway, i called back about 20 minutes later and told the DJ that i love the song and asked if he could play another one off the album. he said "which one?" and i said "deck the halls/silent night" he said hed ask if hes allowed and that hed play it if he can. so im wondering if one wish is the only real release so far or if its just that the radio station wouldn't play the other ones. anyway, the song sounded great on the radio and i think it probably went over pretty well. i can guarantee that it got a good listen here in boston because im sure anyone who was flipping through thr radio today stopped on 93.7 and ended up listening all day like i did. christmas music is just infectous. they had already played DYHWIH. funny story, i called in to request a song off one wish before i ran to the store and i had already turned my radio off and when i called the DJ said he was playing DYHWIH right then. i was like "play something off her new album" and he said "no youre being pushy" i started laughing and he said that "theres this thing called artist separation" meanwhile i heard "dominic the donkey" 50 times today and about 600 different versions of Little Drummer Boy, none of which were whitney's. anyway, i turned off my radio before i heard deck the halls/silent night, so if anyone is from boston and heard it, let me know, no need to thank me though. :)