1.I Will Always Love You :D :D
2.Saving all My Love For You :D :D
3.You Give Good Love :D :D
4.Didn't We Almost Have It All
5.Unashame :D :D
6.I Wanna Dance With Sombody
7.Lover For Life :D
8.Where You Are :D
9.I Believe In You And Me
10.Exhale(shoop shoop)
11.I'm Every Woman :D MLIYL
12.Nobboby Loves Me Like You Do
13.Just The Lonely Talking Again :D :D
14.You Were Loved :D
15.Tell Me No
16.I Belong To You :D
17.I Go To The Rock
18.My Love Is Your Love :D
19I Bow Out :D :

:D Love It
:D :D Love it even More
This list isn't long enough. There aren't 2 many of Whitney songs I don't like :rollin